Communication & Dramatic Arts

Communication & Dramatic Arts

Communication Media Lab

This department consists of three options: communication, speech pathology and audiology, and dramatic arts. Each area has its own unique course of study. Together, the areas comprise a department that can address the complex nature of oral communication in its various forms.

Students will develop a portfolio of experiences and products that can be used to exhibit job-readiness and enlightened citizenship. As part of the course work, students will have a variety of opportunities to put their developing skills in action through activities such as:

    • Making presentations at professional conferences;
    • Editing or writing for the student newspaper, the AUMNIBUS, or student literary magazine, Filibuster
    • Participating in national competitions in acting, scene design, and more;
    • Completing internships.

Communication and Dramatic Arts offers three areas of study:

Communication & Dramatic Arts also offers a Minor in Theatre

Faculty & Staff

Theatre AUM

Theatre AUM acts as a practicum for students in the Dramatic Arts and allows students hands on experience that is invaluable to their careers. More

Ingram Lecture Series

This lecture series, through the Ingram Endowment, enabled Auburn University at Montgomery to bring to central Alabama nationally acclaimed communication professionals and scholars.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are available for students in communication. Check with your advisor for specifics on requirements for internships.