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Considering studying in the United States?

Considering doing business in the United States?

Then consider a certificate in American Society and Culture.

Foreign cultures are foreign.  It takes preparation to operate in them successfully.  If you are not from the United States, Auburn Montgomery’s certificate program in American Society and Culture will arm you for the challenge. 

The program consists of courses that will help you understand America’s past and its present, the operations of its government, the assumptions that Americans make about the world, and the conditions under which they live.  Moreover, you will be taking your courses with American students, interacting with them as well as with your instructor.

The certificate program is designed for students to add to a degree they have now or one that they are currently earning.  The program consists of six courses, three hours each (18 hours total).  It can be completed in two semesters of part-time study.    And, depending on what courses you choose, you can complete the program entirely online. 


All students must complete the following courses:
HIST 2010 United States History to 1865 (3 hours) (available online)
HIST 2020 United States History since 1865 (3 hours) (available online)
POLS 2020 American National Government (3 hours) (available online)
All students must select three courses from the following list:
ENGL 4720 American Short Stories (3 hours) (ENGL 1010 and 1020 are prerequisites for this course.)
MUSI 3300 Music Today (3 hours) (available online)
VISU 3050 American Art (3 hours)
COMM 2100:  Mass Media in Society (3 hours) (available online)
SOCI 2000 Introduction to Sociology (available online)

For more information:

Regarding admission of international students to Auburn University at Montgomery, see visit International Student Admission or contact Mr. Ron Blaesing, Chinese students interested in admission to Auburn University at Montgomery should consult the Office of East Asia Initiatives.

Students interested specifically in the Certificate Program in American Society and Culture should contact Dean Michael Burger,