College of Arts & Sciences

Master of Liberal Arts

2012 Fall Graduation Brittany Carden

Areas of Study

Geography and Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.)

People of all walks of life come to Auburn Montgomery seeking to earn a master’s in liberal arts. The degree can be used in so many different ways. For some, earning an MLA means a raise or a promotion. For others, it means improving your marketability. Still others choose this degree simply for personal enrichment.

Students continue to choose our MLA program for several unique reasons. First, it’s the only interdisciplinary master’s degree program in the state of Alabama, offering specialization classes in Visual Arts, English, Philosophy, Sociology, Theatre, Geography, Geographic Information Systems, History, Spanish and Anthropology. Furthermore, students have the freedom to choose any subject for their thesis, allowing you to claim an emphasis or specialty in almost any field you can imagine. This can significantly impact your ability to qualify for niche careers. And the AUM MLA program is a solid graduate degree on which to build a Ph.D.

Our MLA professors all practice in the field in which they instruct, bringing real-world experience and practical insights as they lead students in coursework.

There are no additional undergraduate courses required beyond an accredited undergraduate degree to qualify for acceptance into our MLA program.

So the only question is, in which subject would you like to become an expert? Improve your credentials and potential by earning a Master of Liberal Arts at Auburn Montgomery. Apply today. Or to speak to someone about this program, please contact Dr. Eric Sterling, Director of the MLA Program, 341 Liberal Arts, at 334-244-3760 or by email at


Professor Spotlight

 Mike Winkelman
 B.A., ‘84
 M.F.A., ‘90
 Full Professor and
 Technical Director of the
 Theatre Division,
 Auburn Montgomery

If we listed every play and production on which Mr. Winkelman undertook scenic design, technical production, lighting design, technical direction, direction, acting or consulting, you’d have to scroll for pages and pages—well over 400 different productions. And since 1990, Mr. Winkelman has been teaching courses at AUM. more

Liberal Arts Student of Success

Sarah Fredericks
B.A., English
M.L.A. English
Auburn Montgomery Adjunct English Composition Instructor

As Sarah embarks on her new position at Auburn Montgomery, she brings with her an impressive list of scholarships, awards and accomplishments. Her commitment to excellence and exceeding expectations fits right in with the existing faculty at AUM. more